Life of Us

We are Sana and Adnan. We got married in May 2015 and we’re originally from New York City. We’re traveling the world with our pet, Pepper!

Our Story

When we got married, we knew we craved more from life. “Normality” never seemed to work for us. Being a wedding planner at the time, Sana was desperate not to have a traditional wedding so we decided to take our friends and family to Mexico to celebrate our love! We got married at Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya. Our friends and family came for about 4 days. The best part about destination weddings is how close friends and family get over the sense of adventure. Something that you just can’t get at a traditional wedding. That’s how our love for travel truly started.

receptionRecently, we realized annual vacations were not enough to fulfill our inner wanderlust, so we’re leaving NYC to travel the world. Adnan will continue his full time job as an Accounting Consultant while Sana works on this travel blog full time. We’re officially Digital Nomads!

Our “Why”

Everyone always talks about a work-life balance. Corporate America talks about it in a way that you should live two separate lives. Do whatever you want during your time off but be a drone in the office. No complaining, just working as hard as you can to be the best employee and get promotions to rise to the top. Answering to management while daydreaming for a better life. We just didn’t want to live that way anymore and luckily, we don’t have to!

Adnan’s work is super excited for us to travel and Sana’s, well, she’s always been an entrepreneur at heart. Sana started an event planning business at 21 years old and sold it to move to NYC when Sana & Adnan got married. Sana’s creativity will be the core of this travel blog, but Adnan will use his skills to provide helpful finance tips for all of you!

Mexico Ceremony
Mexico Ceremony